Marketing within your budget

Every business needs to do marketing, but how do you choose the right activities within your budget?

This course looks at the marketing options, their likely success and their costs in the context of your customers, your competition and your budget.

What you will learn

  • the role and use of Market Research
  • how the use the 7Ps framework
  • identifying your USP
  • the importance of positioning and branding
  • pricing models and their suitability
  • creating the right marketing message
  • how to create a marketing plan to suit your budget

Suitable for:

  • registered or trading businesses looking to put together their business plan, perhaps for funding requirements
  • existing businesses who need to put a marketing plan in place to give sales a boost

Cost: £40 + VAT

Course Dates: For course dates,times and venues, please see Events.

For further information or to book please e-mail or call us on 020 8427 6188