Bookkeeping Made Simple

In your business, you run things and your bookkeeper does the paperwork, right? Wrong! Every entrepreneur needs to be on top of their books to some extent. Otherwise how do you know if you’re breaking even...

Course coverage and relevance

  • Background—what bookkeeping is and how it helps you make your business stronger
  • A practical ‘how to’ guide—advice on setting up a workable and practical system that’s right for you
  • Bookkeeping exercise—complete a short manual bookkeeping exercise to show you how it’s done

Suitable for

  • People with no bookkeeping experience
  • Those with a little experience who want to know more
  • Small business owners who want to do their own books to reduce professionals’ fees, and identify tax savings
  • Those considering a career in bookkeeping

What you will learn

  • How to record business income and expenditure using either a traditional cashbook or an Excel spreadsheet
  • How to set up your own bookkeeping system
  • How to potentially save tax
  • Basic accountancy jargon, so you understand what your accountant is talking about!

Cost: £40 + VAT

Date: Next date to be confirmed

About the Trainer

Lisa Newton studied a BA Accounting & Marketing & MSc Investment Management and formed her business Boogles Ltd with £150, she is very passionate about enterprise and is an Ambassador for Enterprise UK; the government organisation to encourage people to have ideas and make them happen. She's written a book: The 21st Century Business Model which talks about the credentials a business should have if it's to survive in this modern day age. She is a member of the ICB and the AAT. Lisa is an author, speaker and true entrepreneur as she runs various businesses - including bookkeeping, telephone answering, utilities cost cutting, weight loss and printing.
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