Group Mentoring

Cost: £75 + VAT per month

“You can be very short sighted when it comes to your own business. But a mentor can help you see the challenges and, in my case, the opportunities.”

"Working with a mentor is like teaming up with an expert from Dragons Den, except they want to help without taking a chunk of your business in return!”

Dipesh Patel
Eye-To-Eye Opticians
Group mentoring programme


A business mentor = your secret to success

A business mentor is the perfect way to get your business off the ground or growing. Just think how much faster you can see results with an expert on your side, advising you every step of the way. You’ll save time as you learn to avoid mistakes and spot opportunities. You’ll save money because you see results much faster than if you did all this alone. And you’ll be better able to fit your new business commitments into your busy life. Our quarter century of experience has shown us that working with a business mentor is the ideal way to maximize results in the shortest possible time. So how does it work?

First you come in for a free 30 minute consultation with one of our business mentor team. Tell us where you are and what you need. And we’ll point you to business mentoring programme that suits you best; either.

Group mentoring for business

Join a group of small businesses just like you and meet each month with your dedicated group mentor to work through the issues you face running your business. Each group contains 3 to 6 businesses and you’ll meet for half a day every month. Together you decide what you’ll cover during group meetings – from finding finance or company information to social media and IT, from reviewing your strategic progress to re-setting your priorities so your business develops well. Bring your issues and get essential feedback from your mentor and peers. Your confidence and business will grow as a result.
Benefits of group mentoring

  • Many of the benefits of high quality mentoring but at a low cost
  • Join a ready-made networking group and make new connections just by turning up
  • Hear a wealth of advice on overcoming your issues from mentor, members and specialist speakers
  • Long-lasting relationships – our first group mentoring group has been going since 2007

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