Harrow Enterprise Agency wish to ensure that our services are accessible to everyone. We have provided information below which allows you to zoom into the website and increase the size to allow you to view the website more easily.

Changing your view: The view of your web browser can be modified by simply altering the settings. Most browsers have an ‘Option’ or ‘Preference’ menu which allows you to change the appearance of your web browser e.g. default font for text and colour changes. These browsers will allow you to adjust the font type, size and colour of the default of viewable font. Please see below for the instruction for the most up to date versions of the browsers:

Keyboard shortcuts for all Browsers (PCs)
Zoom in to a page: Press and hold Ctrl and then press +
Zoom out of a page: Press and hold Ctrl and then press –
Reset zoom to 100% view: Press and hold Ctrl and then press 0
Move from one link to another by using the TAB key.
To go back, simply hold the SHIFT key down and then press the TAB key.


Microsoft Internet Explorer for PC (Version 9 for PC)
Open your Internet Explorer Web Browser Click on the bolt like icon Select 'Internet Options' from the resulting dropdown menu
Click on the 'General' tab
Click on the button marked 'Accessibility'
To change your font type, select the checkbox marked 'Ignore font styles specified on Web pages'
To remove background and font colours, select the checkbox marked 'Ignore colours specified on web pages'
To change your font size, select the checkbox marked 'Ignore font sizes specified on Web pages'
Click OK
Now Click on Fonts to choose the colour for your fonts.
Keep the “Use Windows Colours” box ticked to use the default colours from Windows or remove the tick and pick your own colours for text, background, visited links and unvisited links
Click OK
Now Click on Fonts and Chose Click OK again

 Instructions for users of Firefox (Version 6 for PC)
Click on the Firefox menu on the top left corner of the screen
Select Options and from the resulting sub-menu Options again
Select the Content Tab
If you do not want to see images then remove the tick from the box titled “Load images automatically”
Find the section titled “Fonts and Colours”
Click on the third button titled “Advanced”
Select the fonts you want from the resulting window and the size
Remove the tick from the box that says
“Allow pages to choose their own fonts, instead of my selections above”
Click OK Click on the button titled “Colours”
Choose your colours
Remove the tick from the box titled “Allow pages to choose their own colours, instead of my selections above”.
Click OK
Click OK again

If you are having trouble accessing this website in anyway then please let us know and we will do everything we can to accommodate.