Our Service to You

What is Harrow in Business

Harrow in Business is a National Federation approved Enterprise Agency, which provides advice, information and support to people considering self-employment or actively engaged in or running a Small Business. We are a not for profit organisation (limited by Guarantee) and work closely with both public and private sectors. Our Service is available to both residents and businesses in the Borough of Harrow and virtually across the whole of West London.

Our Commitment

All employees are expected to

  • Work within all appropriate quality standards, equal opportunities and Health and Safety Policies.
  • Provide a service based on your individual needs.
  • Present ourselves in a professional and business-like manner.
  • Be committed to continuous personal improvement.
  • Be available to offer you appropriate support within the published opening times, or inform you if and when any changes occur.
  • Provide a confidential service. Client sensitive information is provided by yourself is not shared with any third party without your prior consent. A copy of our Data Protection policy is available on request.
  • Provide you with accurate and up to date information.

Working on Your Behalf

How do we act on your behalf?
We will work in partnership with you by helping you to identify your business idea and any associated learning needs. We will explore with you the level of support you need to achieve your goals and work in a responsive way to ensure that you receive the best possible help. But will also refer you elsewhere, if we cannot meet your needs.

You Can Expect

  • To be welcomed into a pleasant and accessible environment by well-trained, qualified, knowledgeable and friendly staff.
  • A quality service delivered by experienced staff operating to published national standards.
  • A member of staff to deal with your initial enquiry within five minutes of your arrival.
  • To be given information about our services available and those that are not, including information on waiting times, costs, and availability of staff or equipment.
  • To be provided with assistance to help you identify the use that you can make of the service.
  • To either be offered an appointment for Business Counselling within ten working days, or to be referred elsewhere.
  • To be booked onto an appropriate workshop within the following calendar month.
  • To be offered individual support and attention to help you achieve your learning goals.
  • To be provided with high quality advice and support in setting up a business.
  • To have access to Business Counselling Sessions. Each session will typically last one hour.
  • To have access to post start business services once you have begun trading.
  • To have access to a Business mentor for half a day a month if it is felt that your business has a significant growth potential.
  • To have regular post start Business Reviews.
  • To have access to a range of services designed for established businesses.
  • To have up to date, impartial, and comprehensive advice and information about available opportunities in education and training.
  • To be referred elsewhere if we are unable to meet your needs .
  • A confidential interview focused on your needs (This confidentiality will not be broken unless there is danger to yourself or others)

We Expect You

To uphold our Equal Opportunities and Health and Safety policies. (Copies of these are displayed on the notice boards).

To attend appointments and courses punctually, or inform us if you are unable to attend. In the event of you not being able to attend booked courses, 24hrs notice will be required to either; Allow for a substitute delegate or carry over to the next scheduled course only.
Fees will not be refunded under any circumstance.

To provide as much information as possible to enable staff to advise you appropriately

To communicate in a pleasant and a non-aggressive manner. We will not tolerate abusive or threatening behaviour whether physical, verbal or visual and will reserve the right to withdraw services in such an instance.

To inform the team if you have any special requirements

  • Mobility access
  • Hearing loops
  • BSL Interpreter
  • Information in Braille or large print
  • Language interpretation

If you start a business ,to inform HiB using our specific form when you begin trading.

To adhere to the payment terms for various services.

Inform staff if you are unhappy with any aspect of the service provided.

Complete a customer evaluation form, following your business advice session or training seminar.

To keep us informed about your progress.

When you undertake specially funded support programmes we are obliged to share contact information for the purposes of audit and evaluation, The originating source comes from the Government and we are obliged to provide information to ensure Government funds are used appropriately.

The Services Available Include:


A Be Your Own Boss Business course if you are considering becoming self employed:

One to One Business Counselling Sessions with generalist or specialist Business advisors.

A Setting Up in Business Workshop, which is designed for those who are already committed to starting their business and looking to develop a business plan.


On going Business counselling and support.

A series of Business Workshops following on from the initial sessions which aim to improve your personal performance and business performance, once your business starts trading.

Each session is run by a trainer/ consultant experienced in the small business field. The key elements of the development programme are, Marketing and Introduction and Advanced Social Media, Practical PR, Bookkeeping Made Simple, Getting More Customers Online and Win that Deal. This programme has been designed in modular format to provide a high level of flexibility. You can attend one module in isolation or as many modules as are needed.


We will work with you through a combination of seminars and one to one assistance to enable your business to become investment ready and then to raise the finance required.


Access to Mentoring and Coaching , if your business idea is felt to have significant growth potential. Beyond two years trading we can provide consultants who will come into your business to help you with specific issues. (Micro-Consultancy).


To assist you in developing your skills as an entrepreneur, we can provide information about courses available through local colleges.

We Also Provide

Room hire. Training and interview rooms available. Please ask for details of the cost.

Address Management service allowing you to use “Enterprise House” as your postal address.

Use of photocopying, fax and phone facilities. Please ask for details.

Access to Local Business Networks including The Business Connection and Women’s Connection.

A referral service to other agencies if we cannot help you.

Advice to people seeking to stop running their own business.

Information and advice about other education and training courses available to individuals and employees of a number of local businesses.

Costs. Details of the costs of the above activities are available on request. Please refer to Our Services Price List.

Substitutes will be allowed for our modular programme but there will be no refund for non-attendance under any circumstances.

Appointments can be made with a Business Adviser to discuss many areas, including those listed below:

  • Business Reviews
  • Raising Finance
  • Business Growth
  • Businesses experiencing trading difficulties
  • Marketing
  • Service/industry/product diversification
  • Health & Safety
  • Human Relations (including selection, recruitment. Training & retention)
  • Personal & personnel development
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Alternative forms of finance (business angel, factoring etc)
  • Developing social enterprises
  • Business infrastructure support
  • Business planning
  • International trade, import & export
  • IT & e-commerce, web design

In Search of Excellence

We will attempt the impossible but:

  • Are unable to guarantee that your business idea will be successful.
  • Are unable to guarantee you a place on training or educational programmes.
  • We will help you apply for any available funding, whilst we are unable to guarantee that you will be successful in your application.
  • Will advise you about how to produce business plans and other associated documentation.
  • Are unable to guarantee that there will not be any changes in the published information.

How you can help us improve our services

By completing the evaluation forms after accessing any part of the service and by informing staff if you are happy or unhappy with the service provided, you help us to improve the service we provide for you.

A copy of our complaints form is available on request. Alternatively if you feel you would prefer to e-mail any issues you have, please send them for the attention of the Manager at info@hib.org.uk.

We welcome your feedback good or bad, without you telling us we can’t improve our services to you.