New ways to register for taxes online

HMRC have recently launched an online tax registration service that lets businesses tell us when they start up, take on employees for the first time or need to register for VAT. The service can also be used by existing businesses needing to register for an additional business tax e.g. PAYE. To use this service go to either ‘My New Business’ on or the HMRC website.

Real Time Information – find out more

Read the latest news on the RTI pilot that started on 11 April 2012: Real Time Information

Also, why not view the free 15 minute webinar that looks at the Real Time Information timetable and offers help in understanding what this is, what’s happening and when, the main changes employers will see, why correct employee information is key and what help and support is available: Real Time Information webinar

New VAT Payments deadline

Just in case you were not already aware all VAT returns must now be sent in online and payments made electronically

To help you manage the payment deadlines we have developed a payment deadline calculator, but if you need to find out more you can also go to guidance and support.

You may also be interested in our online seminars (webinars) on VAT and other taxes.Registering is very easy all you need is your name and email address.

Tax Credits: Renewals and Changes: Does this affect your employees?

The renewals of annual tax credits started in April and income details for the 2011-12 tax year must be provided by 31 July 2012. To find out more go to renewals. There have also been changes in working hours for couples with children for more detail see changes.

Tax Manuals: Find out about the recent updates

You can check the latest updates to HMRC manuals or subscribe to be notified when changes are made. Could this help you and your business? Go to HMRC manuals for more information.